Bendigo newborn + baby photographer.


‘…oh how you’ve changed since this time last year.’

The details of your growing babe; the hair, the hands, the rolls, the raspberries, the budding teeth, the gummy smiles and, of course, the blossoming personalities.

A Little Mini Session is all about documenting the intricate details.

Our 40 minute session takes place in my sun lit studio. Here, I gather a collection of natural and playful images to capture the heart of your little one.

Our session will be tailored to the needs of your each babe, embracing the true nature of his/her spirit – be they playful, shy, confident, busy or reserved. This results in the most wonderfully honest and timeless images.

Time is of the essence with a Little Mini Session. The suggested time frame is between 6 – 10 months of age with the ideal time being when your little one is able able to sit confidently but not yet crawling.

Sessions start at $375.oo

Please email for your complete Session Guide.



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